Two Crucial Steps you need completed prior to installing a septic system

Soil Evaluations

Test Pits are evaluated to determine how fast your soil can move effluent

Soil Designs

Designs based on the Alberta SOP to properly dispose of the right volume of effluent.

Discover the types of septic fields your land can support.

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Soil Evaluations

Soil evaluations are done by digging test pits on site. This determines limiting and restrictive factors that may inhibit the ability of the soil to properly dispose of effluent. They also determine the rate at which the effluent can be treated in the soil.

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Septic Designs

Septic designs use the soil characteristics as well as the building characteristics to properly size the septic field. There are several types of fields that can be built and one will be designed for your property that will properly dispose of the septic effluent.

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